Become a Seller on Vet & Tech

Become A Seller

Vet and Tech connects millions of buyers and sellers to leverage the power of business. We have become a trusted destination for the customers, where they can purchase a wide variety of medical supplies for both small and large animals. So, as a Vet and Tech seller, you get a chance to reach out to the large customer base while offering them superior quality products at competitive prices. Start your selling journey with us today, make your business stand out, and always stay ahead of competitors.

Why Sell on Vet and Tech?

When you start selling at Vet and Tech, you automatically become part of a retail destination. In addition to reaching hundreds of millions of customers, who visit Vet and Tech frequently, you will get the following benefits:

Connect With Customers

Easy to Use

Unlike other e-commerce platforms; there are no complications in listing what veterinary medical supplies you are selling and making it visible to the customers looking for them.


Free Listings

Get a chance to list up to 150 items for free every month and only pay when they sell. There are also no hidden charges for listing your products.


Sellers’ Protection

With a perfect combination of best-of-breed technology and a dedicated team, we make every possible effort to prevent unfair trade practices and protect sellers' rights.


Built-in Customer Base

We walk extra miles to accommodate established & first-time sellers, making it easier to break in. You have the advantage of millions of visitors browsing through the marketplace & seeing your products.


Elevate Profit Margins

This platform is specifically designed so that anyone can use it. Start selling your products today, reach out to the millions of consumers and get your business off the ground.


Build Your Brand

You can get access to the powerful tools to manage your inventory, track sales orders, eventually, build your brand, and keep pace with the ever-evolving surgical industry.