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Diagnostic Instruments


Like humans, animals also need a diagnosis before undergoing treatment. Without diagnosing the illness, veterinarians cannot take the risk of suggesting any medicine or treatment. There are many diagnostic instruments that are used according to the specific condition to diagnose the animals’ illness. Veterinary experts have categorized the animal diagnostic equipment depending on the location and condition of the disorder, including clinical thermometers, tonometers, otoscopes, ENT equipment, and many more. Prefer effective, ergonomic, and high-quality equipment for proper veterinary diagnosis. Also, avoid using imprecise and outdated instruments as effective diagnosis means effective treatment.

Diagnostic Instruments


Are you looking for reliable veterinary diagnostic equipment suppliers? If so, congratulations on finding the most authenticating platform; Vet and Tech!

We help you find the best pet diagnostic tools from the leading manufacturers and suppliers. A healthcare provider cannot treat a patient until he knows the actual cause and severity of the disease. The same is true for treating animals. Like humans, animals also need a diagnosis before undergoing treatment. Without diagnosing the illness, veterinarians cannot take the risk of suggesting any medicine or treatment. 

Thus, to maintain or restore the overall health of the animals, the practice of veterinary diagnostics has gathered pace. This field has witnessed a surge for over a decade now. Therefore, pet diagnostic tools have become the need for almost every professional veterinary setting, and they are important too. Many diagnostic instruments are used to diagnose the animals’ illnesses. 

Here you can find a wide range of veterinary diagnostic equipment to diagnose, monitor the progression of the disease, and, more importantly, the effectiveness of the therapy. As veterinary experts have categorized the veterinary diagnostic tools according to the location and condition of the disorder, you can purchase advanced tools, including; clinical thermometers, tonometers, otoscopes, ENT equipment, and many more. 

Whether you are going to replace the diagnostic instruments or looking for innovative ones, it is crucial to check the instrument’s material and other features for that working place. In addition, while choosing the diagnostic instruments, you need to consider the warranty duration offered by the manufacturer. Every instrument manufacturer provides a certain duration of the warranty. Thus, you need to check the service contract terms and conditions, cost, and availability before buying a diagnostic tool.

The next crucial thing you have to check is the availability of the consumables and parts. So, you have to consider the refurbished diagnostic instruments or new parts prices that fall within your maintenance budget.

Further, it is must to consider the usage of the medical diagnostic instrument. Likewise, you have to think in which environment you will be using the diagnostic medical equipment.

There are various variations available in the veterinary diagnostic tools at Vet and Tech. The diagnostic supplies are designed specifically to monitor several areas of the patient’s health. Plus, the availability of veterinary diagnostic instruments is a must in emergency rooms, intensive care units, care centers, and other medical settings.

Prefer effective, ergonomic, and high-quality equipment for proper veterinary diagnosis. Also, avoid using imprecise and outdated diagnostic medical equipment and instruments and complete your diagnosis tools kit while having an amazing shopping experience at Vet and Tech. 

Anoscopes & Sigmoidoscopes

Anoscopes and sigmoidoscopes are used to diagnose problems related to the anus, rectum, and large intestine's lower part (colon). In addition, these instruments allow the surgeon to identify the issues with screening tests such as anoscopy and sigmoidoscopy. For instance, these tests will tell about the patient's health conditions, whether they are suffering from tumors, polyps, inflammation, or bleeding.

Clinical Thermometers

Thermometers are utilized in several dimensions and areas of consideration, from routine tests to emergency patient care. These electronic thermometers reduce the time for knowing the temperature of the patient. Also, the innovative diagnostic tools can be set at a specific body part such as the armpit, mouth, ear, or rectally. The clinical thermometers are available in several sizes and prices.

Diagnostic Instrument Sets & Accessories

The diagnostic instrument sets and accessories are used for diagnosing the patient's ear, eyes, and throat. For instance, the diagnostic supplies assist the clinicians in closely observing and examining any patient's health. Thus, the clinician will prescribe a complete treatment plan after the complete diagnosis.

Diagnostic Lights

An ill pet cannot explain where they have pain and the intensity of the pain. That is why an accurate diagnosis is important to determine the health of animals. There are several kinds of diagnostic lights available to assist in the pet animal's visual diagnosis. For instance, the diagnostic lights include H&H's daylight-simulating and full-spectrum fluorescent lighting. These lights have the natural white light that will assist the veterinarian in distinguishing between the shades, details, and colors (of gums, tissue, teeth, feathers, and fur) as they naturally are.

For the indoor caged pets, the sunlight simulating fluorescent is ideal for providing a natural outdoor atmosphere that will be calming and suitable for the animal's survival. In addition, birds, reptiles, fishes, and animals can thrive in fluorescent veterinary lighting.

Sunlight-simulating veterinary lighting improves the efficiency of surgeons. With the right veterinarian lights, surgeons perform their tasks with better accuracy.

ENT Equipment

The ENT diagnostic equipments are made to deal with issues in the neck, head, nose, and throat. For instance, the ENT equipment includes ENT workstations, exam tables, otoscopes, electrosurgical units, ENT chairs, ENT microscopes, ENT endoscopes, and ENT treatment cabinets.

Laryngoscopes & Accessories

Laryngoscopes are used for treating some problems of the throat or vocal cords. The laryngoscopes allow the thin instruments to pass down for removing the small growths (polyps or tumors) on the vocals. Also, a small laser is present on the laryngoscope that is made for burning away the abnormal parts.

Nerve Stimulators

The nerve stimulators are used for blocking the pains to reach the brain. In short, the implanted nerve stimulator prevents the sensitive nerve endings that allows the person to feel that anything is hurting in the brain. Besides, the spinal cord stimulator is an implanted device that sends the lowest levels of electricity in the patient's spine to relieve pain.


Ophthalmoscopy is used for a routine and complete examination of the eye. It is made for evaluating and detecting the symptoms of eye diseases and retinal detachment like glaucoma. In addition, ophthalmoscopy includes the examination of the back of your eye. With this, the doctor and the ophthalmologist will be seeing the retina that senses images as well as light, the optic disk (where the brain receives information from the optic nerve), and blood vessels.


Otoscopes are the diagnostic supplies that permit doctors to examine the ear canal. Also, it provides a view of the tympanic layer and assists in diagnosing the ear infections, causes of vertigo, and tinnitus. The otoscopes come with a light magnifying glass to view the middle and outer ear. The dispensable speculum is the part that the doctor embeds in the passage of the ear canal. Moreover, the expandable specula are kept away from the allocator in the testing room to add the right one to the new patient's otoscope.



Stethoscopes are one of the most commonly known diagnostic instruments. This diagnostic medical equipment is used for hearing the sound of the heart, lungs, bloodstream in the blood vessels, and arteries. Further, the stethoscope assists in diagnosing various diseases such as heart disease, bronchitis, heart valve issues, and more. This instrument is also used with the sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure. Similarly, the electronic stethoscopes will improve the sound quality while hearing sounds with a quite low pitch. Also, it can be attached to the computer for saving and recording sound waves.


Tonometers are made for measuring the pressure inside any person's eyes. This diagnostic equipment is used for screening glaucoma and examing the treatment of glaucoma. People who are over 40 years will have a high risk of having glaucoma. Therefore, regular examination of the eyes will aid in detecting glaucoma at the early stage. Particularly, the tonometers are utilized for measuring the pressure of mercury (mmHg).