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Become a Speaker on Vet and Tech!
VatandTech welcomes you

Vet and Tech

Vet and Tech Welcomes You!

We invite you to become a speaker on our one-of-a-kind educational platform. Vet and Tech offers you a chance to contribute to the collective learning of our expert veterinary community.

Why choose Vet and Tech
Why choose Vet and Tech
Why choose Vet and Tech

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Why Choose Vet and Tech?

Engage with Diverse Audience

While presenting at Vet and Tech, you’ll reach a vast audience of veterinary students, technicians, and professionals.

Leverage Our Marketing for You

We will actively run campaigns about your presentation to get you as many attendees as possible.

Contribute to FREE Veterinary Education

We enable you to share your knowledge and experience, supporting FREE veterinary online education.

Be a Part of Established Platform

Vet and Tech has become a trusted online educational platform for veterinarians from all domains.

Lifelong Databases

Our extensive databases ensure that your research and expertise are stored and shared with a potential audience for life.



What Our Attendees Say About Us

Thank you, Dr. Bellows. You are an awesome teacher. You actually were my instructor many years ago. Good to see you, and thank you for a great 45-year career.

Janice Strand

Thank you so much. Tremendous information crammed into a short time. 4 pages of notes and feel better about the next rabbit exam!

Katrin Kolder

I agree! Top Notch online CE. So glad he covered some of the basics. I never knew why so many of the retired racing Greyhounds had such terrible teeth!

Roger Terrel

What a great education and advice this is! Thank you, Vet and Tech, and GerVet!

Karen Habitzreuther

I attended ADT in September change my patient care enormously! I urge all to do the same! Thank you Dr Luskin for continuing your career. Dr Sandra Manfra helped me greatly as well

John Ehrhardt
Our Speaker Policy


Our Speaker Policy

We have a formal policy to make the process seamless for you. You only need to submit your educational details/achievements and the topic you want to present.

Once we receive your submission, we'll provide possible date and time options based on your topic. After that, you'll be invited to present to our engaged audience.

Our Speaker Policy
Collaborate with Vet and Tech
Collaborate with Vet and Tech

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Collaborate with Vet and Tech

At Vet and Tech, you can share your knowledge and expertise, connect with professionals in the field, and contribute to growing online veterinary education.

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