DVM Central Presents Summer Expo with Product Demonstrations and Two CE Webinars

Published on Jun 11, 2024 12:00 AM
DVM Central Presents Summer Expo with Product Demonstrations and Two CE Webinars

On July 2, 2024, at 2:00 PM US EST, “DVM Central” invites veterinary professionals to join our free Summer Expo for an exclusive educational experience and the opportunity to earn free Continuing Education (CE) credits.

This virtual event includes product demonstrations, two insightful CE webinars, a Q&A session, and a special announcement. 

The webinars will be led by expert speakers Dr. Robert Weedon and Danielle Russ, LVT. Both experts will share their field expertise and knowledge with attendees.

Participants will have the chance to expand their knowledge and earn 2 RACE-approved CE credits. 

GerVetUSA, a reliable manufacturer and supplier of high-quality surgical instruments, has sponsored the webinars. 

Agenda Highlights:

The interactive DVM Central Summer Expo encourages active participation and engagement from attendees. 

The agenda features two Continuing Education (CE) webinars with distinguished speakers, product demonstrations, an exhibitors' section with vendor booths, and an engaging Q&A session.

Engagement Opportunities:

  • Product Demonstrations: Attend exclusive 10-minute sessions by leading vendors, followed by 5-minute Q&A sessions.
  • Exhibitors' Section: Explore vendor booths offering brochures and informational materials. Engage with vendors between sessions to learn about their latest offerings.
  • Enter to win products from reliable vendors 

Learning Opportunities:

The Summer Expo offers two insightful webinars, each worth 1 RACE-approved CE credit. These interactive sessions will address crucial topics in veterinary practice:

  1. Dr. Robert Weedon will present a productive lecture on “High-Quality, High-Volume Spay/Neuter Techniques: Improving Efficiency and Reducing Surgical Time.”

This session will discuss proven techniques to streamline the spay/neuter process, allowing you to perform these essential procedures more efficiently while maintaining optimal surgical quality. 

This session particularly benefits high-volume clinics or those looking to increase their spay/neuter capacity.

  1. In another webinar, Danielle T. Russ, LVT, will deliver the lecture on “From Recruitment to Retention: Cultivating a Resilient Veterinary Team.”

This session will equip veterinary professionals with practical strategies for attracting and retaining potential resources.

Here, you will learn how to foster a positive work environment, cultivate team spirit, and support staff well-being, ultimately creating a resilient and thriving veterinary team.

Expert Speakers:

  • Dr. Robert Weedon

As the Medical Director and a skilled HQHVSN surgeon, Dr. Robert Weedon is renowned for his expertise in high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter techniques. He has earned many awards throughout his career, including the National Animal Control Association: Bill Lehman Memorial Award.

  • Danielle T. Russ (LVT)

Danielle T. Russ, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, is a leading advocate for veterinary team resilience. With a wealth of experience in team dynamics and mental health, she passionately educates veterinary professionals on strategies to foster a supportive and sustainable work environment.

Special Announcement:

Stay tuned for a big surprise announcement during the expo!

Don't Miss Out!

The DVM Central Summer Expo: July Edition is a must-attend event for veterinary professionals and technicians looking to enhance their practice. 

Register now for free to secure your spot and improve your learning, networking, and professional growth. 

Join us on July 2, 2024, 2:00-5:00 PM EST.