Ira Luskin Leads VetandTech Webinar on Periodontic Therapy

Published on Jul 12, 2023 12:00 AM
Ira Luskin Leads VetandTech Webinar on Periodontic Therapy

Sometimes, veterinary dentists get confused between tooth saving and tooth extraction for particular animal patients.

To help vet dental professionals make an informed decision, Vet and Tech is going to present a free webinar titled “Periodontic Therapy: Getting to the Root of the Problem.” 

Ira Luskin (ACDC, EVDC - American Veterinary Dental College), who is one of the top veterinary professionals, will instruct this RACE approved webinar.

So this is an excellent chance for those who want to improve their veterinary dentistry and oral surgery skills and earn CE credits for free.

The VetandTech webinar will be held on July 26, 2023, at 8:00 (US, ET).

Webinar Agenda

The webinar will focus on periodontal therapy, specifically to kill the confusion: whether extract or save the teeth.  

In this regard, the topic will discuss

  • The patient's initial presentation on the physical oral evaluation
  • Diagnostics and therapeutic modalities in saving teeth
  • Accompanying anesthetic evaluation

To be more specific, the webinar speaker, Ira Luskin will go with the following agenda

  • Review of the "normal" oral anatomy
  • How malocclusions alter the health of the tooth 
  • Periodontal disease, including its etiology, symptoms, and stages
  • Treatment (selection based on stages of periodontal disease)

About Webinar Speaker: Ira Luskin

Ira Luskins’ name comes on the list of top veterinary dental professionals in the USA. He is a renowned speaker and promotor of CE.

His focus area includes specialty training in veterinary dentistry and oral surgery. Moreover, he’s Diplomate American Veterinary Dental College and Diplomate European Veterinary Dental College. 

Ira Luskin has served at various professional positions and added many achievements to his name. 

Some of the achievements include:

  • Medical Chief of Staff and Founder, Animal Dental Centers - 2000
  • Founded Surgiden ™ - 2008 (Manufacturer of oral/dental equipment for veterinarians).
  • Established the Animal Dental Training Center of Baltimore - 2000

In addition, he has earned many honors and awards throughout his career. 

The Best Part

This VetandTech webinar includes the following perks for the attendees:

  • Completely free to register.
  • Offers 1 RACE-approved CE (50 minutes of online presence is necessary).
  • Q/A session to fulfill participants’ queries. 
  • All-inclusive and comprehensive in nature. 
  • Easy to join through a Zoom link received in the email.

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