Join Our Webinar on Wound Management by Dr. Bonnie Grambow Campbell

Published on Jun 15, 2023 12:00 AM
Join Our Webinar on Wound Management by Dr. Bonnie Grambow Campbell

On this 21st of June, Vet and Tech is presenting another webinar on wound management,” Dressings and Topicals to Boost Wound Healing: When to Use What.”

This is an excellent online learning opportunity for veterinary students and professionals who desire to improve their skills regarding wounds management. 

Vet and Tech will host this webinar on Wednesday, 21st of June, 2023, at 8:00 PM (US Eastern Time).

Who Will Instruct the Webinar?

Dr. Bonnie Grambow Campbell, one of the leading soft tissue surgery specialists (small animals), will be instructing the webinar on ”Dressings and Topicals to Boost Wound Healing: When to Use What.” 

She is a renowned veterinary speaker and promoter of continuing education.
Dr. Bonnie Campbell has earned various professional affiliations. Since 2004, she has been serving at Washington State Veterinary Medical Association.

She has also been president of the Society for Veterinary Soft Tissue Surgery and the Veterinary Wound Management Society, president. 

So it’s a great chance for veterinarians to learn online from such an experienced speaker in the field.

What is the Webinar Agenda?

This Vet and Tech webinar on wounds management is to say goodbye to wet-to-dry dressings!

Using clinical cases, Dr. Bonnie Grambow Campbell will briefly discuss how to select and use :

•    Interactive moisture-retentive dressings (e.g., calcium alginate, hydrophilic foam, hydrocolloid, hydrogel)
•    Topical agents (honey, electrolyzed saline, silver and zinc products, et al.)

This is the best way to support the needs of the wound during the healing process.

Moreover, the participants will learn about :

•    Principles of moist wound healing
•    Steps/phases of wound healing
•    Indications and contraindications for common topical agents

Why Should You Join Vet and Tech Webinar?

This webinar on wound management is worth joining for several reasons. It’s an incredible online education opportunity for veterinarians who deal with animal wounds in their daily practice. 

The exciting facts about this veterinary webinar are :

•    It’s completely free.
•    Attendees can learn online from anywhere.
•    It offers 1 RACE-approved CE by ensuring 50 minutes of online presence. 
•    It offers an opportunity to learn from one of the leading veterinary experts.

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