Mary Berge Instructs Vet and Tech’s Upcoming Free CE Webinar on Periodontal Care

Published on Sep 21, 2023 12:00 AM
Mary Berge Instructs Vet and Tech’s Upcoming Free CE Webinar on Periodontal Care

September 27– Veterinary professionals, put it in your calendars for a transformative learning experience that will enhance your skills and knowledge in periodontal care. 

Vet and Tech presents a free Continuing Education (CE) webinar featuring Mary Berg, an esteemed Veterinary Dental Technician Specialist with over 30 years of experience. 

This veterinary webinar, titled "The Complete Plan for Periodontal Care," is scheduled for September 27th, 2023, at 08:00 PM (US Eastern Time) and offers 1 RACE-approved CE credit hour.

Unlock the Secrets of Comprehensive Periodontal Care

Join Mary Berg as she guides you through a comprehensive agenda designed to empower you with essential skills in periodontal care for dogs and cats.

This webinar will cover:

  • Conscious and Anesthetized Oral Examination - Gain insights into conducting thorough oral examinations, ensuring the early detection of dental issues.
  • Evaluation and Charting Dental Indices - Learn how to evaluate and chart dental indices, providing a systematic approach to patient care.
  • Safe and Effective Dental Cleaning Procedures - Discover best practices for dental cleaning, ensuring patient comfort and optimal results.
  1. Scaling and Polishing 
  2. Subgingival Scaling/Curettage
  3. Perioceutic Therapies 
  • Developing Appropriate Home-Care Instructions -  Learn how to educate pet owners on effective home-care practices to maintain their pets' oral health.

Meet Our Expert Speaker

Mary Berg brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to this Vet and Tech webinar. 

With a BS in BiologyMicrology and AS in both Laboratory Animal Science and Veterinary Technology, Mary's credentials speak for themselves. 

Moreover, she holds LATG, RVT, and VTS (Dentistry) certifications. 

Mary's career journey includes dental research in companion animal dental products and practice management as a dental technician.

Currently, she serves as the CEO of Beyond the Crown Veterinary Education, where she focuses on educating veterinary dental professionals through virtual and on-site programs.

Dive Deeper into Pet Dental Care

Mary Berg's work isn't limited to education. She is actively involved in dental research and collaborates with the Veterinary Oral Health Council as a dental evaluator. 

The speaker’s dedication to advancing dental care in veterinary medicine is evident, making her the perfect instructor for this groundbreaking webinar.

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