Upcoming Vet and Tech Webinar on Veterinary Intraoral Radiographs by Dr. Jan Bellows

Published on Apr 4, 2023 12:00 AM
Upcoming Vet and Tech Webinar on Veterinary Intraoral Radiographs by Dr. Jan Bellows

Vet and Tech is introducing a free all-inclusive webinar on "How to really read Intraoral Radiographs".

Dr. Jan Bellows (DVM, DABVP, DAVDC) will instruct this thorough and informative veterinary webinar.

It will be conducted on Wednesday, April 12, 2023, at 8:00 PM (EDT). General practitioners and Veterinary students are gladly welcome to join this online education opportunity and earn one free CE Credit.

What will you gain by joining this Vet and Tech Webinar?

There are several advantages to joining this webinar and learning online. Here are some of them listed below:

The Webinar will be hosted by Dr. Jan Bellows

"How to really read Intraoral Radiographs" instructor Dr. Jan Bellows frequently contributes to DVM Magazine and has been a significant charter consultant of the Veterinary Information Network’s (VIN) dental board ever since 1993.
He is also one of the dental experts that formulated AAHA’s three Small Animal Dental Guidelines. Dr. Jan Bellows received several awards for his accomplishments in his career, including the Florida Veterinary Medical Association Gold Star Award in 2012. He is one of the six board-certified companion animal specialists in Broward County and is also a part of the 190 Board Certified Veterinary Dentists in the US.

Learning from such an accomplished and proficient doctor will prove to be a very impacting experience. So join the veterinary webinar and see for yourselves.

The Webinar’s Agenda

The agenda is to focus on the fundamentals of accurately reading intraoral radiographs and the importance and advantages of doing so. It can be challenging to read and decipher intraoral radiographs correctly and perfectly. With the help of this webinar, one will learn to identify abnormalities that are hard to detect on intraoral radiographs. There will be detailed discussions on animal dental diseases and veterinary dentistry. Different techniques and principles will be reviewed in the webinar in reading intraoral radiographs.

The versatile objectives you will get to learn

The participants of this webinar will be able to understand the fundamentals of radiographic interpretation.
They will be able to:
•    Identify anatomical structures.
    Assess bone density and health.
    Recognize usual abnormalities on intraoral radiographs.
•    Realize the clinical importance of recognizing Maxillae, mandibles, and oral tumors.
•    Improve diagnosing skills and gain the knowledge needed to read and interpret intraoral radiographs correctly.

The attendees will learn new skills that are usually not taught in ordinary practices. It will be from a professional and experienced point of view since Dr. Bellows has had a terrific experience in his dentistry career.

Get Free CE Credit!

One RACE-approved free CE Credit will be given to the webinar attendees. Gaining new information and also earning a free CE Credit will prove to be very beneficial for veterinary students and general practitioners.

Quick, free, and easy registration

The registration is online and relatively simple. People who want to attend the webinar can easily register themselves online at the Vet and Tech webinar page. Registration is absolutely free.

Join us at the free webinar for a new learning experience and earn 1 CE credit alongside!