Vet and Tech Announces Featuring Pet of the Month

Published on May 26, 2023 12:00 AM
Vet and Tech Announces Featuring Pet of the Month

Taking a step forward to show love and appreciation for well-groomed pets, Vet and Tech decides on featuring Pet of the Month starting from this June. 

Now your pets can be part of the Pet of the Month contest, evaluated by VetandTech. You just have to provide the required information about your pet. This would help us with the evaluation process through the social media voting system.

How to Submit Your Pet Details?

We have made it convenient for pet owners to share the details of their pets in four easy steps. 

After navigating to the Pet of the Month page at Vet and Tech, click on the button “Share Your Pet Details.”

submit your pet details - VetandTech

Follow these steps to submit complete information.

Step 1: Basic Details:

In the first step, fill out the form with the required information, including

  • Pet owner's name, email, and phone number
  • Pet name and age
  • Address, city, state, zipcode 
  • At last, you can add some description about your pet, i.e. their gender, family, etc. 

VetandTech form add the basic details

After thoroughly filling out the form, click on the “Next” button.

Step 2: Images

In the second step, add multiple images of your pet. Ensure photos are of high resolution and portray different postures of your furry fellow. 

VetandTech form - share the pet images

Step 3: Videos

You can also add videos of your pet. This would make it easier to evaluate your pet for the contest. Videos with short duration will be appreciated.

VetandTech form - share the pet video

Step 4: Submit 

This is the fourth and last step. Before hitting the submit button, cross-check all the information you have provided about yourself and your pet. Do not share wrong or confusing details to avoid any inconvenience later on.

How We Will Evaluate Pet of the Month

After receiving the details from all pet owners for the Pet of the Month contest, we’ll share the pictures of the pets on our social media platforms; we’ll run a paid campaign for an authentic evaluation. Veterinary professionals, vet nurses, vet techs, and other pet lovers will vote for the pet they would like most. 

The results of the voting will be directed to our website; pet owners can see the results. 

After the Evaluation

The pet with the highest number of votes will be declared Vet and Tech Pet of the Month. As a token of appreciation, we will feature the winning pet on our website and social media platform with complete details.

The whole process is online and completely free. So prepare your furry friend for the following month, submit the information, and stay connected for the results.