Dr. Lloyd

Dr. Lloyd Hiebert

Designation: Inventor: ConRad® Thermal Blanket, HUG-U-VAC®, and HoverHeat®

Institute: Oregon Health & Science University

Dr. Lloyd Hiebert
Dr. Lloyd Hiebert
Oregon Health & Science University

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About Me

Dr. Lloyd Hiebert, President of Vet OR Solutions, has been a Board Certified Anesthesiologist for over 30 years. Dr. Hiebert’s patient care passion is in the areas of patient warming and positioning.

During his practice, Dr. Hiebert developed the HUG-U-VAC line of patient positioners which have become the standard of care in human and veterinary operating rooms.

Hypothermia is the most common thermal consequence of general anesthesia and sedation. Millions of humans and animals are anesthetized every year. Surgical professionals struggle to maintain normothermia and the consequent deleterious physiological effects of hypothermia.

Dr. Hiebert has designed a practical solution to the dramatic loss of body temperature during the initial induction of anesthesia. He designed the ConRad Thermal Blanket which acts as a barrier to conductive, convective and radiant heat loss. Additionally, he designed the HoverHeat patient warming system which has elevated the standard of care in patient warming.

Dr. Hiebert’s patient positioning and warming products have served veterinary practices, veterinary schools and the United States Military across North America and around the world.


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