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Teat Instruments


These instruments are used for making sharp and precise cuts from the inside to the outside of the body. The sharp and thin blade prevents damage to the surrounding tissues and organs in large animals. They are widely used for making an incision in the teat canal. Moreover, they are manufactured from stainless material that makes them reliable and long-lasting. The names of commonly used teat instruments are as follows: Teat Curette Cornell Cornell Swedish and Lichty Teat Knife-Sharp blunt. 

Teat Curette
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Teat Curette

Veterinary Teat Instruments 


Vet and Tech has a wide range of veterinary teat instruments used in cattle for treating defects and problems with teats. The wide range of teat surgical instruments helps the veterinarians in several teat procedures. However, the instruments should be properly autoclaved after reusing them in various procedures. Indeed, proper maintenance of the instrument will make it last longer as they are forged with German stainless material. 

The instruments have a sharp or blunt edge to make an incision from the inner to the outer side so it should be used with care. The German stainless material will make the instrument last longer, hard-wearing, rust-free, and heat-resistant. 

The different types of teat instruments are available on Vet and Tech that include Lichty Teat Knife-Sharp/Blunt and Teat Curette Cornell/Swedish. 

Lichty Teat Knife Sharp/Blunt

The Lichty teat knife-sharp/blunt is a specialized cutting instrument for large animal surgical procedures. It can be either blunt or sharp. This instrument has an ergonomic handle to ensure ultimate handgrip to the surgeon during the surgical . . . . .