Is Veterinary Technician Certification Really Worth It?

Published on Oct 18, 2022 12:00 AM
Is Veterinary Technician Certification Really Worth It?

Veterinary technicians play a key role in animal health sector. They work under the supervision of veterinarians and perform multiple supportive tasks. The veterinary technician job description includes different duties such as monitoring and stabilizing animal patients, performing laboratory tasks, administering medicines, educating pet owners, etc.  

Credentialed veterinary technicians can add value to a veterinary clinic or hospital. Usually, vet techs achieve veterinary technician certification through educational programming and formal training. In addition, many organizations offer certificates to veterinary technicians. The duration of certificate completion may vary from two to four years.

This blog will enlighten whether veterinary technician certification is really valuable for vet techs. Let’s start the topic by looking at the importance of vet tech certifications.

Significance of Vet Tech Certification

A vet tech is one of the fastest-growing professions in the United States. Some states of the US don’t require such certifications by offering alternate certification options. But in most states, vet techs cannot perform their duties without getting certification. In addition, in some states, vet technicians have to complete certain CE credits to renew their licenses.

Even an experienced vet tech is not allowed to continue his profession in some states without possessing a certificate. So, it is wise to get vet tech certification if you want to secure your future in this field. Now, let’s look at the advantages of getting vet technician certification.

How Does Veterinary Technician Certification Benefit a Vet Tech?

Veterinary technician certificates make it easy for vet techs to grab more career options in the field. It benefits a vet tech in different ways, some of which are as follows.

1.      Better Training

The veterinary technicians get training from experienced instructors during vet tech certification. It helps them to learn new technical skills and techniques. They can learn everything from handling animals to providing pre-and post-operative care.

Furthermore, they can learn more efficient ways to handle emergencies from experienced mentors. Finally, the training provides them with the required skills and confidence to grow in the veterinary medicine business. 

2.      More Job Opportunities

A vet tech certificate from a reputed institution opens up more job opportunities for vet techs. When a veterinary technician with a certificate applies for a job, it conveys that the applicant doesn’t require much training on the job.

Thus, a vet tech certificate helps them to secure the job more quickly than the other applicants. So helping them to step into their desired profession easily.

3.      Step Towards More Rewarding Career

A Vet tech can further get a veterinary technician associate degree after getting a vet technician certificate. Once you have the basic education and certificates under your belt, you can learn more advanced skills. Thus, you get the option to move towards a more rewarding career and get a more prestigious position in your vet field.

The veterinary technician salary also increases after getting technical degrees and certificates. So, it is significantly beneficial for a veterinary technician to get certificates to explore more career options in the veterinary field.

Best Online Educational Programs for Vet Tech

The importance of veterinary technician certification is evident from the above discussion. Getting a vet tech certificate is worth it to secure a respectable and advantageous position in the veterinary profession. 

If you are a veterinary technician and attending physical programs for such certificates is not feasible for you. Then, you should go for online vet tech programs to enhance your career opportunities by getting vet tech certificates.

Vet and Tech is one of the best online resources to enrich your knowledge. Primarily, it is a marketplace, but it also offers educational programs through CE courses, webinars, trade shows, and guides. 

You can also learn more about the veterinary profession by learning about different surgical procedures and common animal diseases.


Do You Need a Vet Tech Certificate to Be a Vet Tech?

Yes, you need a vet tech certification in some states of the USA to continue your practice as a veterinary technician.

Can I Get Vet Tech Certification Online?

Yes, some institutes and platforms offer vet tech certificates online through continuing education programs and online lectures.