The Ultimate Crash Cart

Published on Jan 30, 2024 12:00 AM
The Ultimate Crash Cart

A complete and well-maintained crash cart is an essential part of any hospital. Though no two crash carts are the same, the most effective crash carts will contain the necessary equipment for life-saving measures, and more importantly a checklist.  

The crash cart should be checked frequently, whether that is every shift change or once daily in less busy hospitals. In particular, it should be thoroughly gone through after each use, a checklist will help to ensure that it is being maintained the same by each person, every time.

Below is a simple checklist of some of the more basic materials needed in ALS CPR. Please be aware that these materials can vary based on hospital and needs. Feel free to use this as an example and change things as needed.

The top of the crash cart should typically contain; CPR recording sheets, emergency drug dosage information, ECG monitoring equipment, AED machine

ultimate crash cart checklist

Organization of the crash cart is vital, ease of access could mean the difference between timely treatment and panic to find the right equipment. All team members should be trained on how to maintain the crash cart; check expiration dates, and sterility, and ensure the function and ease of access of all materials.