VetandTech Presenting Second Webinar Instructed By Clara S.S. Goh

Published on Mar 17, 2023 12:00 AM
VetandTech Presenting Second Webinar Instructed By Clara S.S. Goh

VetandTech is bringing the second all-inclusive webinar on “Veterinary Orthopedic Exam for General Practitioners.”

Dr. Clara S. S. Goh (BVSc, MS, DACVS-SA) will present and instruct this online veterinary webinar.

It will start at 8 PM (EDT) on March 29, 2023. Veterinary students and general practitioners are invited to join the webinar to learn and earn a free CE credit. 

Why Join the Webinar?

The Vet and Tech second webinar is worth attending for several reasons. 

Presented by Dr. Clara S. S. Goh

Dr Clara, the instructor of “Veterinary Orthopedic Exam for General Practitioners”, is a renowned veterinary speaker. 
She has been presenting seminars, workshops, and conferences throughout the United States. 

Dr. S. S. Goh supports continuing education for veterinary professionals. Her research work includes supports medicine, stem-cell therapy and rehabilitation. Currently, she is part of the Small Animal Orthopedic Faculty at Colorado State University.
So joining this free webinar is a great opportunity to learn from such an experienced professional. 

Webinar Agenda 

The perfect localisation of lameness is challenging. This webinar will teach the attendees how to meet this challenge and be more efficient during the orthopedic exam palpation/manipulation. 

All About Physical Orthopedic Examination

The webinar on “Veterinary Orthopedic Exam for General Practitioners” is a great online education opportunity for veterinary orthopedic students and general practitioners. 

The learning objectives are as follows.

  • Onset & pattern of lameness
  • Owner goals: The importance of collecting info
  • Observation of patient, specifically gait observation
  • Gait evaluation
  • Lameness grading
  • Standing Exam (Hips and Stifle)
  • CCL standing exam
  • Joint manipulation
  • Tarsus effusion and instability 
  • CCL Instability (subtle signs)
  • Elbow and Shoulder instability 

Dr. Clara will explain everything related to the physical orthopedic exam, especially in small animals, such as canines and felines.
The attendees will get to learn something that they haven't learnt during their study and clinical practice. 

Free CE Credit

The webinar attendees will earn 1 free CE credit that is RACE approved. So it’s an opportunity for veterinary students and general practitioners to learn online and earn a valuable CE credit for free. 

Easy Online Registration 

It’s quite easy to become part of this webinar related to Orthopedic Exam Palpation/Manipulations. The attendees can register online at the VetandTech webinar page. It’s completely free to register. 

Be part of this veterinary webinar, and learn something more valuable for your clinical practice. Besides, get a chance to earn 1 CE for free.