Did You know approximately 40 million U.S. households have pet cats? Yes, it's true! Emotional support, a happy mood, and the contribution to the overall morale of the pet owners are some of the major reasons behind this increasing trend. However, cats also play an important role in promoting socialization among mentally or physically distorted people and older individuals. However, researchers have shown cats as great companions and beneficial for human well-being. But, there are also some health risks associated with having cats in the house, and pet owners must be aware of them.

Sometimes, cats carry harmful germs that can cause illnesses to people, such as skin infections and serious illnesses. So, here's a question: How can pet owners reduce the risk of catching an infection? The answer is obvious. The best thing to protect yourself is to ensure complete hygiene, including washing hands after handling or feeding cats. Moreover, don't forget to get your pets to the veterinary clinic for a routine medical checkup, which is also very important for the health of both pets and owners. Moreover, this article will discuss the most common diseases, cures, and ways to minimize the risk of getting sick from touching, petting, or owning a cat. If you want to know more about the infection or diseases that the cats can spread? Then let's dive deeper into the article.