A Week of Appreciation for Veterinary Assistants

Published on Sep 9, 2022 12:00 AM
A Week of Appreciation for Veterinary Assistants

Veterinary technicians are valuable members of society, and we dedicate a week to them each year. National Veterinary Technician Week is held annually in the third week of October and will be held this year from October 16 to 22.

We value veterinary technicians every day for the services they provide. In fact, a veterinarian cannot function without the assistance of a team of veterinary technicians. Hence, a week is set aside to honor these outstanding members of society.

This appreciation extends to all veterinary technicians, vet nurses, and assistants. We value the services and efforts of veterinary technicians. This week not only recognizes the dedication of veterinary technicians but also raises awareness about their role in keeping our pets healthy and safe.

Celebrating National Veterinary Technician Week

In the United States, Vet Tech Week is observed. However, as the profession grows yearly, it would not be surprising if other countries join the celebration.

We are celebrating this week in recognition of veterinary assistants. Veterinary technicians play an imperative role in the veterinary healthcare team. Unfortunately, the job of vet technician was previously not well recognized. However, everyone is now appreciated for their efforts, and Veterinary Week 2022 will again be held in their honor.


The tradition began in June 1993, when the National Association of Veterinary Technicians passed a resolution. This resolution designated the third week of October as National Vet Tech Week. Since then, a dedicated week is observed in the honor of veterinary technicians.

What Happens During Vet Tech Week?

During this week, veterinary technicians, assistants, nurses, and other veterinary professionals come together. They organize and plan events for celebrations and public awareness.

The fundamental goal of Vet Tech Week is to educate the public on what a veterinary technician does. In addition, it reinforces the professionalism of veterinary technicians across America and raises the profession's value.


It is a great event where vet techs can feel appreciated and cherished. In addition to the people from veterinary backgrounds, everyone can express gratitude for the work veterinary technicians do.

Here are some of the goals of this week's celebration:

Animal Wellbeing

Veterinary technicians help with animal healthcare issues. A lot of effort is put into animal welfare and preservation. However, it is still insufficient because society requires more people interested in solving veterinary problems. Animals, like humans, have emotional, mental, and physical health issues. This week will emphasize the significance of animal well-being.

Technician Recognition

A veterinary technician's job is undervalued. So, it is excellent that National Veterinary Technician Week gives the opportunity to recognize veterinary technicians' efforts and dedication. When treating animals, technicians put in considerable effort and often have to take risks. They deserve a lot of love from all animal lovers because they are the reason our pets are healthy.

Public Awareness

A career as a veterinary technician is not without risk. Even if an animal is docile, it may attack the technician during the examination. National Veterinary Technician Week raises awareness of this frequently overlooked veterinary practice aspect. It also increases the profession's value as more people become aware of it. When people realize how valuable it is, they may choose to pursue it as a profession.

Vet and Tech is Thankful!

During Vet Tech Week 2022, Vet and Tech would like to express their appreciation to veterinary technicians. In addition, we are grateful to all veterinary professionals who work in the field of animal healthcare.

We are striving to contribute to the veterinary community with our platform. Vet and Tech would like to thank you for all of your efforts!!