A Comprehensive Guide About Cat Dry Heaving: What You Need To Know

Published on May 31, 2023 12:00 AM
A Comprehensive Guide About  Cat Dry Heaving:  What You Need To Know

When you adopt a pet, their care is entirely based on responsible pet ownership because it’s a lifetime commitment with your furry friends that relies on their health and well-being. Suppose you have a kitty, and it’s time for bed, and suddenly you hear some sort of regurgitation sounds from your cat. Instantly, you leap up and run to see your cat and ensure he or she is okay. That’s completely fine, but it could indicate severe cat dry heaving in some situations.

Although, observing a cat with a dry heave is unpleasant because seeing your cat in a dry heave can’t be fun. But you may feel comfortable learning the unique facts about its leading causes, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Besides, mainly retching sounds like a slight cough, gagging, and stomach congestion. Due to this, in numerous situations, dry heave is harmful to cats and can cause severe health issues. Moreover, if your feline is eating fast and spitting out the food just eaten, this might not look like a medical problem because there’s maybe something else. But if you observe your cat with dry heave more than once, it could be a symptom of some health issues, which can be severe if you do not do your kitty’s medical check-up immediately.

So, let’s move towards the descriptive blog that helps you to care for your feline if you’re a great pet lover.

"If your cat is dry heaving and showing chronic symptoms of illness like retching or  vomiting, just consult the expert veterinarian that checks and treats them effectively."

Cat Dry Heaving: Main Reasons You Must Know

Occasionally dry heave is familiar in cats and is nothing to worry about. But it's better to check if you're concerned about your feline buddy. Although, there are many reasons why cat keeps dry heaving. But there can also be several reasons why a cat faces this issue and cause severe health issues that become more challenging if you're not adequately check-up. So here are the main underlying reasons your cat must have if they suffer from dry heave.

  • Hairballs/Furballs 
  • Feline kidney disorders 
  • Intestinal & Gastroenteritis Inflammation 
  • Stomach issues & throat irritation
  • Heart Disorders & Liver Problems 
  • Nauseous issues & Food poisoning 


Hairballs or furballs quickly grow into the cat's body, but it may be time to bring them to an expert vet if your cat struggles to expel the hairball. Because if these hairs are trapped inside the body part, they can block the intestines and cause stomach contractions. Besides, these are the most common causes of dry cat heaving, even in healthy kittens and adults. It happens when the cats are in the grooming age; they have small hook-like structures on their tongues, which fasten the loose and dead hair. After this, they got swollen and passed through the digestive pathway without creating any hurdles. However, when this hair remains in the stomach, it forms a furball. That's why the cat will vomit up. Ultimately, it leads the gagging, hacking, retching, or dry heave in cats.

Consult your Vet Paw right away if your kitty friend is relatedly facing the dry heaves with the following indications;

  • Loss of hunger 
  • Deficiency of unusual energy
  • Constipation issues
  • Weakness and Pale gums 
  • Diarrhea 

Feline kidney disorders 

Kidney ailments are common in older cats, leading to symptoms like cat dry heaving, nausea, and vomiting. In addition, if your feline buddy cannot digest the proper food and vomits, it's a sign of threat. Because eventually, your kitty will suffer from numerous severe health issues if you do not give them absolute medication. These conditions in which the cat keeps dry heaving are underlying that mainly caused due to kidney issues.

  • Severe Kidney infections 
  • Obesity & Dental issues
  • Congenital disabilities 
  • Itchiness & depression 
  • Urinary tract infections 

Intestinal & Gastroenteritis Inflammation

 Gastroenteritis is inflammation in the stomach or intestines, especially leading to cat dry heaving in your furry friends. Sometimes, due to these conditions, cats vomit on an empty stomach which means your cats are suffering from severe gagging or retching. Moreover, these diseases occur in felines because of bacterial or spoiled food. Ultimately, it causes bacterial and viral infections, which lead to the cat's health down, lack of energy, depression, and medicines reaction are the main symptoms of having dry heave. 

Stomach issues & throat irritation

Although dogs and cats are notorious for swallowing and eating foreign things, they shouldn’t because ingesting the rotten foodstuff creates a blockage in their esophagus areas, throat, or intestines. Likewise, if your cat is refusing to eat, having abdominal pain or swelling, no hairball comes out, and vomiting, contact to Vet immediately. 
An obstruction or blockage in the throat is a severe veterinary emergency that needs critical and instant care for your feline friend.

Heart Disorders & Liver Problems 

Both heart and lover problems are relatively common in veterinary animal diseases like cats and dogs. These veterinary diseases are due to the having severe health issues like problems in the digestive system, nausea, dry heave, and other disorders that lead the vet's health down. Furthermore, numerous cat diseases threaten your buddy’s life, with heart and liver issues. Besides, proper liver functioning is vital for storing essential vitamins and filtering toxic materials. if the heart and liver functions don’t work perfectly, toxins remain in the cat's body, directing other health issues. So, schedule your kitty’s medical examination with a vet consultant if you see these symptoms in your feline.

 Nauseous issues & Food poisoning

 Cats can also feel nauseous like humans, which happens mostly to eat extra, direct towards the acidity in the stomach. In this condition, cat dry heaving but eating excessively especially spiled food. Eventually, it encompasses bitter edge, hunger loss, cat is dry heaving, and lethargy. So, taking absolute medication is essential if your cat keeps dry heave and showing all these symptoms.

Preventive Measures When Your Cat Keeps Dry Heaving

People mainly consider pets and dogs duffer because they don't think they are part of their society. In these cases, it is crucial to have the best health solutions for veterinary animals, their diagnosis, prevention, and treatment. Besides, these disorders can be prevented through complete pre and post-care if your cat keeps dry heave. All of these disorders can be prevented through complete pre and post-care if your cat keeps dry heave. 

  • Hairball issues can be protected if you clean your furry friend’s teeth on a regular basis and give them nutritious food with good fiber.
  • Nausea can be prevented by giving fresh food and ensuring the portion is correct according to his breed or age. In addition, it will ultimately lead to your kitty's stomach being better with good health. 
  • Prevention from inflammation in gastroenteritis keeps your cat active and healthy. Moreover, make sure to stay away from your feline friends from other animals that are sick. 
  • Besides, after the proper medication, do the cat surgery if there’s required. Also, give your Cat proper and healthy food to avoid bacterial and viral infections in its throat. It will ultimately ensure their proper functioning with good health. 

Treatment for Cat Dry Heaving 

Like Humans, animals are also crucial in our societies regarding the importance of animal healthcare and their leading roles. Treating cats with frequent dry heaves or vomiting alters the health mentioned above. Sometimes, treatment may be more complex than withholding food and providing water and some medication. In other possibilities, complicated surgery or radiation treatment may address the reason for your cat's distress.

Frequently Asked Questions

 When should you do the Check-up on your cat at the vet?

You should take the proper medication when your feline buddy shows these symptoms

  • Start retching with digested or undigested food.
  • Can’t stop the dry heave or retching
  • Indications of Pain and Distress 
  • Throw up hairball more than once time in a week
  • Having blood in the stool

Is Cat dry heaving costly to treat?

Cat Dry heaving costs vary according to the state. Still, in most cases, it treated about $75 for an office visit and prescription to treat difficult hairballs and about $100 for tests to determine the reason for sickness or gastroenteritis.

In Sum Up

Cat Dry heaving is the most common situation most feline suffers due to inappropriate medications. Besides, they need proper pre and post-care with complete medical treatment. Ultimately, it’s crucial for your furry friend’s life with good health. So, if you observe these unpleasant signs in your cats must go to check them for the check-up to the vet. Eventually, it will ensure the proper diagnosis, prevention, and cure. In addition, this will make it easy to handle your felines without seeing them in trouble. 

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