Dr Erica Reineke Presents Managing the Critically Ill-Blocked Cat

Published on Feb 2, 2024 12:00 AM
Dr Erica Reineke Presents Managing the Critically Ill-Blocked Cat

On 7th February, veterinary professionals and pet hospitals are invited to join the Vet and Tech webinar by Dr. Erica Reineke, a renowned Emergency and Critical Care Medicine specialist.

With our upcoming free educational webinar, attendees can earn CE credits and learn about treating hyperkalemia and coccygeal epidural, as well as the management of diuresis and complications.

The Vet and Tech Free Online CE Webinar, “Managing the Critically Ill Blocked Cat," offers attendees the opportunity to gain education and enhance their expertise for their daily practice. 

Join us for a comprehensive online veterinary webinar on February 7th, 2024, at 8:00 PM (US Eastern Time).

Learning Objects

The agenda for this Vet and Tech veterinary free webinar covers a wide range of essential topics. You will learn online about current evidence of treatment and prevention of hyperkalemia, pain, and post-obstructive management will be emphasized. 

Webinar Agenda

This live veterinary webinar will discuss stabilizing and treating a critically ill-blocked cat. Also, Dr. Erica will shed light on treatment for hyperkalemia, pain, and post-obstructive management. Current evidence of treatment and prevention options will be emphasized. 

  • Stabilizing critically ill cats, including their treatment options for hyperkalemia
  • Pain management strategies, including coccygeal epidural
  • Post-obstructive management will also be discussed, including management of diuresis and complications

About the Speaker: Dr. Erica Reineke

Dr. Erica Reineke is a notable emergency and critical care medicine professional with vast knowledge, expertise, and experience. 

Currently, she is serving as the Director of the Extracorporeal Therapy Service. With her education in VMD, Dr. Erica L. Reineke boasts an impressive track record with:

  • Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rotating Internship 
  • Residency Emergency and Critical Care Medicine
  • Diplomate, ACVECC

Her career has been a remarkable journey of significant contribution to Residency Emergency and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Erica has worked on the stabilization and treatment of emergent and critically ill patients, focusing on treatment strategies in:

  • Feline urethral obstruction 
  • Shock
  • Respiratory distress 
  • Intoxications

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