PetHub Launches AI Tools for Pet Owners

Published on May 31, 2023 12:00 AM
PetHub Launches AI Tools for Pet Owners

PetHub, Inc. connects pet owners with information, tools, savings, and a location to save important pet data. The company brought out a new VetInsight-powered wellness tool for pet owners. A thorough AI symptom checker, an unlimited 24/7 veterinarian telemedicine service, and a virtual food and treat finder that offers personalized pet suggestions are included in the PetHub Wellness Tools.

Regarding the company release, Lorien Clemens, co-founder and CEO of PetHub, said, “Our goal is to ensure pet parents have unlimited access to everything they need to best provide for their beloved cats and dogs.” 

She further explained their vision by saying, “We understand the important role of veterinary telehealth in this digital age. These new tools allow us to provide pet parents with 24/7 access to valuable health and nutritional guidance from trustworthy experts. We are excited to further enhance the exclusive benefits offered to our valued members.”

Access to a veterinarian by phone, email, or online chat is part of the limitless 24-hour veterinary telehealth service. Pet parents can discuss any recent or continuing pet-related problems. PetHub thinks this tool will be a helpful alternative for stressed animals, specifically during travel or in-person medical appointments.

The virtual on-demand AI veterinarian is accessible around-the-clock to look up a pet's symptoms. Users will receive suggestions for the following actions based on the information supplied. They will also get to decide if an in-person visit to the veterinarian or a telehealth consultation is recommended depending on the severity of the problem.

The Food & Treat Finder Tool produces results according to each pet's physical and dietary requirements. It also includes making it simple to buy the suggested meals and treats.

The press release states that PetHub Wellness Tools are accessible to all new and current members and that new users are given a free 7-day trial before paying for an annual subscription.