Tularemia (Francisella tularensis)

Tularemia (Francisella tularensis) in CatsBacteria, most commonly known as Francisella tularensis, can cause tularemia. Small mammals like rodents and rabbits are infected with these diseases. However, dogs and cats can also get infected with the infection caused by Francisella tularensis. 

How it spreads : The bacteria can spread through tick bites, contact with infected animals, breathing in the bacteria, and contaminated food or water. Cats can get infected by eating or killing infected rodents, small mammals, or tick bites. People also can become infected through cat scratches and bites.

Who is at risk : Tularemia can infect anybody. However, spending a lot of time outdoors, hunting, or butchering wild game have higher chances of getting exposed to this disease. 

Signs in cats: The most common symptoms in infected include fatigue, lack of appetite, yellowed eyes, fever, and swelling of lymph glands. 

Symptoms in people : People infected with tularemia may suffer from ulcers, fever, lymph gland swelling, muscle or joints pain, weakness, chills. Additionally, F. tularensis bacteria can also impact the respiratory system, throat, and eyes.