Cheyletiellosis (Cheyletiella spp.)

Cheyletiellosis (Cheyletiella SPP.) in Ferrets

Cheyletiellosis is caused by the parasitic mites present on the skin cells. It is a skin infection that can spread from animals to humans.

How it spreads : Cheyletiellosis is often spread by the animals that have mites, including ferrets, cats, rabbits, and other animals.

Who is at risk :

There is no specific category for cheyletiellosis, but it is not a common disease.

Signs in ferrets :

The mites typically do not cause any disease in ferrets, but the signs that appear include hair loss, dandruff, itching, and skin irritation from the mites. Adult mites are found to be more affected by this disease. They are white and seem like walking dandruff while moving.

Symptoms In People :

The symptoms of mites in people include itching, redness, and raised bumps on some parts of the skin that the animal touched. The mites’ inflammation will be short-term, mild, and goes on its own.