Brucellosis (Brucella spp.)

Brucellosis (Brucella SPP.) in Dogs

This disease is caused by a bacteria known as Brucella. One can get infected with Brucellosis by contacting the animals with this disease and using contaminated animal products like raw milk. 

How it spreads : The major reasons behind the spread of this disease are the consumption of unpasteurized/raw dairy products. Getting in contact with infected animals or contaminated products and bacteria in skin wounds or mucus membranes could be the other reasons. Animals such as;  sheep, dogs, goats, cattle, and pigs are more prone to get infected with Brucellosis. 

Who is at risk : This disease can infect anyone, but people who work closely with animals or drink raw milk are at higher risk of getting infected with this disease. Brucellosis is most commonly found in regions including the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and the Mediterranean Basin. However, pet owners are at a lower risk of getting infected than veterinarians, health care providers, and dog breeders. Because they might have to come in contact with blood, tissues, and fluids during the birthing process.

Signs in dogs : Usually, there are no signs of the affected dogs. However, in some cases, dogs with brucellosis may have to face abortions, infertility, different infections in reproductive organs, inflammation in the brain or eye, and infection of the spinal bones and discs. 

Symptoms in people : Brucellosis can make people sick within 6-8 weeks of exposure. Infected people might show flu-like symptoms that last 2-4 weeks. Nonetheless, it can affect the reproductive organs of humans, too, and pregnant women may have to face miscarriage. Sometimes this disease becomes difficult to deal with.