Brucellosis in HorsesBrucellosis is a disease caused by bacteria and infected animals. Moreover, it can be caused by raw milk. In horses, brucellosis can be caused by joint infection, fistulous withers, and poll evil. This disease can cause abortion in pregnant mares, though it is not common.

How does The Disease Spread?

The common way that people face brucellosis is due to unpasteurized raw dairy products or drinks. Another common reason for brucellosis is from infected animals or contaminated animal tissues. Plus, it is caused by the bacteria found in mucus membranes and wounds.

Who Can Be At Risk?

Anyone who faces brucellosis might drink raw milk and work with the animals. However, rarely do people get brucellosis from a pet or any horse?

Signs Of Brucellosis In The Horses :

In horses, brucellosis can be caused by fistulous withers due to bursa swelling or inflammation (a sac fluid between the soft tissue and bone). The swelling or inflammation will affect the withers because it is the highest part of the horse's back. Or it might occur at the poll.

If the tissue is inflamed, it will burst eventually, resulting in drainage of pus and any other infection by the surrounding tissue. Brucellosis will affect animals' ability to reproduce but rarely causes abortion.

What Symptoms Are Found In People?

The people who had brucellosis will be sick after having its exposure for 2 to 4 weeks. Besides, the symptom onset will begin anywhere between 5 to 6 months after exposure.

People who are sick due to brucellosis will have symptoms such as flu. There could be some potential illnesses that can lead to severe health conditions. Brucellosis can affect the reproductive organs and might cause miscarriage.