Rabies Horse DiseaseYou must have heard of rabies as it is a common virus that spreads through infected animals' bites. However, this deadly neurologic disease is rare in horses. But the horse owners should vaccinate their pets against rabies because it can be life-threatening among those infected with rabies.

How Does It Spread?

Rabies spreads by contact with saliva and nervous system tissue from any diseases animal by their bites or scratches.

Who Is At Risk?

In the U.S., rabies in domestic animals and people is rarely found because of the successful invention of vaccinations. However, the disease still exists among wild animals, including raccoons, skunks, foxes, and bats. Additionally, your horse can be at risk for rabies if you are in contact with any other infected animal.

Signs In Horses :

Rarely are horses found with rabies but those who are suffering from rabies will have worsened signs. For instance, the rabid will be having abrupt changes in their behavior, including agitation, depression, and aggressiveness. Some horses had the symptoms of paralysis. In addition, the rabid horses will be dangerous because they can attach to people.