Cryptosporidiosis in HorsesCryptosporidiosis is a disease that is caused due to parasites. It is known as crypto. Another reason to get crypto is swallowing poop from an infected animal or person.

How It Spread?

The crypto spreads if anyone has contact with an infected person or animal. Also, it is spread through contaminated water or food with poop. Some unknown causes exist because the animals infected by parasites do not have any signs of illness.

Who Is At Risk?

Those people who have weak immune systems are prone to crypto. Also, young children are at high risk of illness.

Signs In Horses :

The horses infected with crypto might have signs, or sometimes, they would not show any signs. Those infected pre-weakened foals will suffer from diarrhea, but the older horses have fewer chances to be infected with crypto.

Symptoms In People :

It is not obvious whether people with crypto will have signs of sickness. Those with healthy immune symptoms are less likely to catch crypto. However, those with crypto will suffer from nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, watery diarrhea, and fever. Those who suffer from crypto will have diarrhea that can last for months and become a life-threatening condition.