Cystotomy – Indications, Procedure, Efficacy, Risks, Cost, & More

Cystotomy Surgical ProcedureCystotomy is a surgical practice that creates a wall opening in the urinary bladder. In this procedure, the surgeon can easily look through the bladder and take x-rays. Also, ultrasound examination and scooping the bladder are the methods that provide access to a feasible look into the bladder. The cystotomy procedure will cost $1600.00. This blog will mention the indications, procedure, risks, duration, postoperative care, and more about the cystotomy. Read on!

Indications For Cystotomy

The cystotomy can be indicated easily due to bladder problems. For instance, it includes the removal of bladder tumors, blood clots, and bladder stones. However, the surgical procedure involves obtaining severe trauma to the bladder. On the other hand, cystotomy is ideal for correcting the urinary tract problem, which carries urine from the kidneys to the bladder.

Preoperative Examinations

The preoperative test largely depends on the health and age of the animal. The abdominal ultrasound and radiographs are done to know the illness before the surgery. Also, it is crucial to check the blood count, urinalysis, EKG, and serum biochemical test before starting the surgical procedure.

Type Of Anesthesia

Another important step is to know what kind of anesthesia will be provided to the patient. For example, general anesthesia is ideal for controlling pain and relaxing muscles. Best of all, it will make the patient unconscious. Thus, the patient will be receiving pre-anesthesia to make them relax. Also, the anesthesia will assist in placing the breathing tube through a windpipe. There will be subsequent inhalation during the surgical procedure, including the inhalation gas.

Cystotomy Procedure

After giving anesthesia to the patient, the pet is placed on the back of the surgical table. The hair is clipped to have better visibility of the lower abdomen, and the skin is clean to disinfect it. Besides, the sterile drape is also placed on the surgery site. The veterinarian will be using a scalpel to incise the lower abdomen skin and conveniently open the abdominal cavity. On top of that, the surgeon will be using the drape to clean any contamination at the surgery site.

The operation will continue, and the surgeon will be removing the bladder stones, extensive blood clots, and tumors. To conclude the surgery, a urinary catheter is placed to allow the urine to pass through the bladder easily. After that, the procedure of cystotomy includes dissolvable sutures. For instance, the sutures will be closed within one or two days, present at the outer skin layer. On the other side, the surgical staples will require removal after 10 to 14 days.

Time Duration To Perform Cystotomy

The cystotomy procedure takes around 45 minutes in most cases. Plus, this duration includes preparing the pet surgery, including the anesthesia.

Risks And Complications

There are very low risks involved in the surgery. However, the major risks in the procedure include bleeding, general anesthesia, postoperative infection, wound breakdown, and urine leakage. The complication rate is less, but some chronic complications rarely result in the need for another surgery and death.

Postoperative Care

Postoperative medication is best for the patients to relieve the pain. The medication will relieve the patient from mild to moderate pain. Similarly, some pain management medicines can effectively reduce pain. Other than that, the urinary catheter placement will be necessary, but it is removed after 24 to 72 hours.

More than that, home care is also necessary after the cystotomy procedure. Physical activities should be reduced up to 10 to 14 days. Plus, animal inspection becomes essential. For instance, the owner should check if any redness, swelling, discharge, or pain to the pet. There are high chances to have blood-tinged urine for a few days, but pain, strain, and lack of urination are not good or normal signs. Thus, you should call your veterinarian for the best postoperative care and surgery results.

Duration To Stay At Hospital After Cystotomy

The normal duration for cystotomy includes 2 to 3 days. But it can vary as per the pet's health condition and the reasons for the surgical procedure.